Why PDO Thread Lifts Are Gaining Popularity And Surgical Facelift Declining?


Skin sagging and laxity can be addressed in a non-invasive manner. The PDO thread lift is an updated version of skin tightening and lifting moderate sagging. It is a non-surgical technique, which works in skin tightening of the brows, cheeks, and neck but even other facial parts like Nasolabial folds, under the eyes, jawline, inner eyebrows, crow’s feet, and forehead.

How PDO thread lift technique work?

At Retens Beauty Center the aesthetic team performs PDO thread lift in private treatment rooms. The treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to conclude. Before, the session, the professionals perform a skin cleanse and then apply numbing topical cream.

It helps to reduce the discomfort you may experience during the 無針埋線 [needle-free thread embedding] session. The target insertion sites are marked as planned. Tiny, dissolvable threads are inserted below the skin surface using a fine gauge needle. These threads instantly lift the skin creating a firm, smooth, and younger look.

The threads will increase the production of collagen across 4 to 6 months and the skin tightening will persist internally as the thread dissolve.

The number of threads used will depend on the patient’s goals, anatomy, and concerns. Each thread lift is customized after the initial evaluation. The team thoroughly discusses your skin laxity levels and your goals to determine the number of threads to use. In general, 2 to 4 threads on both sides of the face are fine but an extra 2 to 4 threads may be recommended for the lower face or neck.

How long with the thread lift effect last?

The 無針埋線效果 [needle-free suture embedding effect] will last for a maximum of three years before repeating the treatment. It is a long-lasting and great option for cosmetic injectables.

Some patients have experienced nine years of long-lasting results after a single session. The vital aspect is how you take care of the skin post-therapy.

Post therapy –

  • Delay every anesthetic procedure like peels & fillers for 7 days.
  • Skip alcohol & anticoagulants for 7 days.
  • Avoid heat and sun exposure for 7 days.
  • Never massage or rub the treatment for 2 weeks.
  • Wash your face gently with herbal face wash and warm water.
  • Delayed dental treatment for 4 weeks.
  • While sleeping prop your head up.
  • Never have heat treatment like laser and IPL near the treated site for 10 weeks.

Why surgical facelift is declining and PDO thread lift gaining popularity?

The reasons are many –

  • Some people have aversion to anesthesia.
  • Some don’t desire lengthy recovery time associated with surgery.
  • Some are afraid of complications and scars.
  • With PDO thread lift patients can drive home after the treatment.
  • In thread lift there is no sedation, just the target area is numbed.
  • There is no need for potent medication after a thread lift, so is ideal for people with demanding schedules and jobs.
  • No downtime after the session, which allows patients to resume their routine activities after the thread lift session.

With Thread lift, you can experience the hifu 效果 [hifu effect]. High-intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU is also a painless non-invasive facelift treatment.

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