Stairlifts: Retain your Living Independence


If you are a single senior who lives alone, getting around the home can be a challenge and navigating the stairs can become an issue. This is when installing a stairlift can help you to retain your independence and there are suppliers of new and used stairlifts in the UK and with tailored solutions, you can safely use your upstairs living space.

Online Solutions

Whether you are looking for a mobility stairlift in Kettering or would like some advice on how to make your home a safer place regarding mobility. You can book a home visit and a technician can measure up your staircase and quote for either a new or used stairlift and within a few weeks, your new stairlift will be in place.

Tailored to the Staircase

No two staircases are identical and the goal of the stairlift supplier is to tailor a solution; straight and curved staircases can be surveyed and the stairlift fits perfectly. The unit can be self-operated and has several safety systems installed, while you will be competent very quickly, as the system is easy to operate. Of course, your weight is an important aspect of designing a stairlift and a suitable motor is selected; a heavy-duty staircase can operate with up to 25 stone in weight.

Remote Control

The latest generation of stairlift is remote operated, making for a convenient experience, going up or down. The technician shows you how to use the system and with safety features built in, you can use the upstairs area of your house and retain your independence.

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