Dabbing 101



The latest trends that are one rise called dabbing is not a new thing. It may be not the most common way to consume cannabis, but this method surely has been there for quite some time. People who dab will vouch that it is one of the most profound ways of consuming cannabis as it contains a very high amount of THC, even in a small dose of the product. To know more visit this website and get a clear picture of dabs as well as its effects.

What Are Dabs?

As mentioned earlier dabs are a form of cannabis that has been made by a process that requires the extraction of THC and other cannabinoids with the use of solvents. The most common type of solvents used in this process is butane or carbon dioxide. This results in the formation of sticky oils. It is a form of concentrated marijuana. There are different categories of dabs that have been classified according to its consistency. Some of the most common ones are budder, shatter, wax as well as butane hash oil. There are two ways that dab is consumed. A person either smokes it or uses it in its vaporized form. Nowadays people prefer to use a dab pen instead of the traditional dab rig as master the skill of using one is a bit tricky. Generally, people who use marijuana wax will prefer to use a dam rig. To know more about the process, visit this page.

Some Positives Of Dabbing

Some people use a dab to help with chronic pain and also if they are experiencing extreme nausea though doctors will probably suggest some other ways to relieve these symptoms due to the high THC content of dabs.

Adverse Side Effects Of Dabbing

People who prefer dabbing to smoking weed will probably only look at its benefits, but it is necessary to look at this from all its angles. There are many disadvantages of dabbing that needs consideration. One of the biggest concerns is that the extraction process mixes the use of butane which is a highly flammable gas. If there is any error, then there is a huge possibility that the person can grow up their house. Dabbing is a highly risky venture when keeping this point in mind. A person who is dubbing can also so be hospitalized if they consume too much THC as they make experience hallucination, Paranoia and can even have anxiety attacks.

The problem with dabbing is that even a small amount is a lot, so controlling much much a person intakes can be difficult. There also lies the challenge of building a higher tolerance which can a reason that a person can one day take in more than they should. Still, the most common problem and also the one that is most likely to harm a person who uses dab that is not purchased from a reliable source is that the seller can mix a lot of harmful chemicals to the cannabis which can cause long-term damage to the health.


If you are suffering from addiction to Marijuana or Cannabis or even a loved one, then you visit this page to know more about the program and process to help you out. There is no shame in seeking out help and support. There is a vast community out there for reaching out if one is conflicted about such issues.

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