3 Simple Ways to Soothe a Teething Baby and Stop Them From Crying


How to Know if a Baby is Teething

There is a plethora of signs that indicate a baby is going to have teeth start coming in, and it’s important to be aware of the signs in order to make sure the baby is as comfortable as possible during this painful time in their growth. The more obvious indicators include more biting and sucking on objects, irritability, and an increase in drooling. Some of the less straightforward symptoms as indicated include a low fever, itchy ears, loss of appetite, and difficulty sleeping. While this can be a stressful period for both parent and child, there are several simple remedies that can be used to soothe a teething baby.

Easy Remedies for Pain

The most common at-home treatment for teething pain is the use of cold. Depending on the age of the teething baby, there are a few creative ways a parent can utilize cold and frozen objects to their advantage. For infants and smaller babies getting their first few teeth, a unique relief is breastmilk ice cubes fed through a teething cloth – this provides the baby with needed nutrients alongside a decrease in pain. As the child grows older and the teething continues, fruits and vegetables can be added to the ice cubes for flavor and nutritional value. Parents can also utilize frozen peeled fruits and vegetables after the child is eating solid food. Avoid small chunks that the child can choke on – with all teething activities parental supervision is highly recommended.

Another one of the ways to soothe a teething baby is the use of Chamomile tea to soothe a teething baby. While a parent should ensure any tea given to the child is caffeine-free, it’s an effective tool to relieve the pain. Chamomile can be administered similarly to the above method by freezing it and using a teething cloth to lessen any choking hazards. There are a few tinctures, gels, and tablets available at drugstores that typically contain chamomile to soothe teething pain. Beware of the other ingredients in these products as some contain chemicals or other natural ingredients that may be harmful if used inappropriately.

What NOT to Use to Soothe a Teething Baby

Contradictory to what grandparents might say, the use of alcohol is ineffective and can cause serious developmental defects. Although some may not bat an eye at such a remedy, when a person takes into consideration how much even the smallest amount of alcohol is in comparison to the size of a baby, it’s not difficult to see why most doctors discourage giving children alcohol at all.

Avoid using liquid-filled teething rings or anything containing a gel that can be harmful to the child if swallowed. Anything with small or detachable parts should also be avoided to reduce any choking hazards that may be present. Keep any dangerous items out of reach and frequently check what the baby is putting in their mouth – be patient and remember that they’re in pain and don’t know any better.

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